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We’ve Been Building and Renovating Spacings Since 2018

Custom Build Pieces

What we do

Installations, Repairs, Custom Builds, & More

Custom Boards

Whether you are looking for a new cutting board, headboard, cheese board, or any other type of board or flat surface, I can make you your own custom board. Check out some of my work.

Home and Office Supplies

Whether you’re looking for something to put your business cards in at the office or a new clock for the fireplace mantel. We can make it for you. 


We can make custom boxes, ranging from jewelry boxes to dog crates. We can make you almost anything you need. 

Misc Items

Looking for something different, there’s a lot more that we can make, including headboards, wood doors for your boat and even wooden floors for your him. If you have a special request, just ask. More than likely we can make it.

This is a High Quality, customer oriented company. I am very satisfied with the custom cutting boards. Can’t wait to see what comes next, this guy’s good Y’all!

Such beautiful and quality work! Absolutely in love with this cutting board and it’s going to make such a great gift! I definitely recommend if you’re looking for high quality.

These beautiful boards or other products are handmade to your specifications, you could say each one has its own personality. You only get that through a handmade product such as Brandon’s.

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